Silver is an antibiotic

Did you know that for many years, silver has been considered a powerful natural antibiotic? It was precisely for this characteristic that the Roman armies used (very simple) silver plates at their mealtimes,  enjoying better health compared to the soldiers who ate from plates made from metals considered to be less noble.

In fact, since ancient times, it had been noted that families who used silver utensils when eating their meals were the ones who got sick less often and infections among them were rare. Sometimes the food was not only served on silver plates but also stored in silver containers. In time,  tiny quantities of silver mixed together with the foods and after one or two generations, its benefits made them immune to infectious diseases.

Royal and aristocratic lineages were called “Blue Blooded” because of the characteristic bluish tint of their blood caused by minute traces of pure silver, a consequence of their use of silver eating utensils and plates, unlike the common people with “Red Blood”, who ate from terracotta plates, using iron eating utensils.

From then on, the Catholic Church also began using silver for its chalices and communion trays in order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases between priests and churchgoers. Instead, Pioneers used to place a silver coin in water and milk containers to prevent the growth of algae and bacteria.

So, is silver really an antibiotic?

Yes, it is- colloidal silver has been tested for treating various illnesses including eye, respiratory, skin disorders, as well as those affecting the musculoskeletal and nervous systems; it can be used in the treatment as well as the prevention of illnesses, given that it supports and relieves the immune system.

Today, due to its potentially high toxicity, silver is not used in the health-care sector, but its use is permitted for surgical instruments and in orthopaedic implants.

Indeed, silver is also used by airlines for planes’ water filters to limit bacterial infections; the electricity and photography industries also use silver because it is a source of electricity and is highly sensitive to light.

It is precisely because of its antibacterial, fungicidal and sanitizing properties as well as its ability to conduct heat and electricity, that it is still used today in different and various fields, from electronic goods to textiles and clothing, from building materials to medical supplies and so forth.

In conclusion, if you have the fortune to own objects made of this exceptional metal, use them with  peace of mind, for your health, as a treat for your eyes and for your guests and why not, to give your children the chance to become “Blue Blooded”!

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