Augusta Perusia

“Look, you who pass by this fountain with its babbling, if you look closer you can see wonderful things.”
Nicola Pisano

A tribute to our city, to our roots. Coined for us by the skilled hands of local master craftsmen, Augusta Perusia is the reproduction of one of the 24 caryatids (a sculpted figure) crowning the upper basin of the Fontana Maggiore fountain.

A masterpiece of medieval sculpture, located in the centre of Piazza IV Novembre (formerly Piazza Grande), the Fontana Maggiore is regarded as the symbol of Perugia. Designed by Frà Bevignate da Cingoli and built between 1275 and 1277 to celebrate the arrival of water in the acropolis of the city thanks to the new aqueduct, it is made of stone from Assisi. The upper basin has 24 pilaster-statues, representing saints, mythological and biblical figures from the New and Old Testament, showing the continuity between the ancient Greek-Roman civilization and new Judeo-Christian one.

A source of inspiration for generations, Augusta Perusia is the symbolic and allegorical personification of the city of Perugia, and is today in our collection as an unusual desktop paperweight that is both elegant and refined.

Available in different sizes (10×10, 15×15 and 20×20 cm), this item is made out of bronze, but it can be gold or silver-plated for an even more spectacular finish. The panel can also be personalised with a special dedication engraved on its back. It makes a unique and wonderful gift for those who love our city.

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